Ideas and Breakthroughs

Well, there's been a bit of a breakthrough on the book front. I believe I have found an agent who wants to represent me and the book that I've done. I won't give any names until the contract is signed, but I'm pretty excited. She's from a really reputable agency and has been great to talk to so far. I'm pumped! I'll give you the lowdown on the whole who, what, where, and why once all the paperwork has been finalized.

Until then I have to be preparing some tear sheets for her to take to the publishers, so I've been doing some sketching. The first sketch is for another story idea I hope to develop in the near future, and the second is a B&W drawing for a chapter book...uh chapter-title page. Been quite a while since I've done anything close to finished in pencil so let me know what you think.

Take care.