IF- Vikings are hard to stop!

Well, seeing as I missed last weeks I.F. I thought I would whip something up quickly for this weeks "Momentum". I've had pirates a lot on the brain lately for another story idea I came up with a number of years ago, but pirates are tired. They've just finished 3 major movies and ran the marathon the host of TV, marketing and advertising companies put them through. So, I'm giving pirates a break, well sorta. I have moved on to their earlier cousins the Northmen - aka: Norsemen, Barbarians, and Vikings. I'm fairly excited about this new idea for a book, but it needs some major work yet. So today I was just getting a feel for theses Icelandic adventurers. I wanted to also tie my sketch in with this weeks IF and so I felt this guy may have some momentum as he jumps out of the boat. I just hope, for his sake, that he's close enough to shore and there are no sharks, because I think he just past the point of no return.

Thanks for helping me out with the poll on the font size. I'll be sticking with "normal" from now on. Oh, and I have not forgotten about my promise to tell you guys about the updates on my book and on my agent. Please stay tuned, I hope to fill in the remainder of the deets next week.

Take care,