Fall'ing" stuffs

Hello again everyone. I've been busy with life the last few weeks with family weddings and family funerals. Life continues to progress and especially this past week we have been able to reflect upon what we are thankful for. For all you Canucks that read this blog, Happy Thanksgiving, and well, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else as well! I was asked why we celebrate Thanksgiving early and if was different from American Thanksgiving, and I had to say I honestly didn't know. So if you know, share the info with me please.

I've still been working and doodling new things. I know I've neglected Illustration Friday lately and so tomorrow I will get on it again. One new project I am doing on the side is a comic strip, and I was approached by a writer to get involved with this. I will fill you guys in with more details as I get the ok from Grant, but it's been a lot of fun developing so far. I really enjoy character development and the creation process at the beginning of any project.

I've also figured a way to get my tear sheets (samples of my work) on here for anyone to download. So Download my sample tear sheet pdf here or on my side bar by clicking on it. The pdf has three pages each that are different examples of what I illustrate and many of them are on here and my site already. So save it, print it, file it, or scrap it (preferably recycled if possible) they are yours to do with as you please.

Below are some samples of recent stuff:
-First is a Thanksgiving sketch I did for my agent;
-The second is another of the same character that I am actually developing a kids book for and you should be seeing more of in the future;
-The final is a possible character lineup for the new comic strip I am drawing that you should also be hearing more about in the near future.

So thanks for stopping by again, I will have more updates and another IF drawing coming soon.
Take care,