IF- Extreme

Well I was able to produce a little Illustration Friday sketch today. Been a while since I participated and it's nice to get back into it again. Sometimes being creative is difficult and just sketching from uninspired thoughts starts to reflect itself in my work. So being challenged to think differently and really push out something that I would have not normally drawn from is a challenge that I am enjoying immensely. This weeks work is Extremes and being from the great white North, extreme temperatures is very common. We go from very hot long days in the summer (28-30ºC with sun up at 6am and setting at 10-11pm) to very very cold winter days (-40ºC with sunrise around 8-9 am and sunset at 6-7pm!).

These are quite extreme changes in weather, at least in my opinion, and I wanted to show what it looks like quite often after the first snowfall. We seem to forget just how cold it really gets and as soon as the white stuff appears we bundle up for the worst. This is especially true of kids and mothers dressing their kids as I wanted to draw for this weeks IF.

Take care,