Ramble Jamble Bramble

I have a blog? I post here...for real? Well, it doesn't seem like it does it. Where have I been the last THREE MONTHS?!!!

Well, in a word. Busy. In more words, I've been working on a new project that actually has me not drawing until just recently, as well as dipping my hands into a few other things. Christmas and the holidays as well as my son (Eli's) first birthday I also have to throw in there. Life can almost get away on you if you're not careful. Well, I'm taking it back by the tail. We'll just have to see how strong the grip I have is heh.

So without further ado here are a few of those things that I can show you:

This is a pic I did for my nephew for Christmas. I could have posted it earlier, but I didn't want to give it away for my Brother and his wife. I hope they like it. The characters are from an upcoming story for another kids book I am working on.

These next three are a series that I did for my son's room for his birthday. My (very very patient) wife had actually "ordered" these before he was born. I promised I would do them before he turned 1. The week before, she asked me how they were coming....heh. Almost huge oops. But I finished so here they are.

I don't even know what this is. Some lame attempt at some sort of wanna be concept art. Was fun anyways, I was trying something new in PS and mostly going for the form and pose. I hope the caliber of the art can increase as I try this more. Took around 15 minutes and that's probably years for this quality of work in this field.

This was for a friend turned client. He and his brother own a company doing websites and designs, really fantastic stuff. They host my main site for me too! Anyways, this was for a template that schools can choose when they make their website. Steve Mebs, is also my brother's best friend and he is amazing with media. He won an award from quicktime for the best musical short video one year! You must check out his company Box Clever here.

Here is a snippet from the project I am currently working on. I hope to finish off the initial work and get it sent down to my agent in the next week or two. I will fill you in with some more details as I get them closer to being finished. For now, the first hint I have for you is this guy is a crazy old peddler, who appears to hoodwink our poor poor main character. I've probably given the whole thing away already with that...ahh, but this is not going to be your normal style of kids book either. Those hints are coming next.

Well that's all I have for now. I know it's not a lot for the amount of time I have been "busy", but it's all I have for you. Feels good to blog again!

Take care,


ps. I almost forgot. My awesome brother recently got his website going and even got a feature showing in a local gallery! He's sold a number of paintings from it already too! Way to go Bro!
Please check out his art on his site here at darrylboldt.com. The info for his showing is there too.

pps. It's absolutely freezing in Edmonton this week. It's averaged around - 40˚C (that's also -40˚F for you imperials)!!! with the windchill! That's cold! I have no idea why we live in this climate.