So it's mid April here in Edmonton. Spring was in the air, until this weekend. Wow! Looks like Christmas again outside. We've been having snow fall since last friday night and it's pretty bad. At least it's not 30˚below out there.

This week's Illustration Friday topic was Primitive. As soon as I read it I couldn't think of anything else but a caveman. I tried to think of something else over the weekend, but in the end I gave in and this is the fellow who's been haunting my imagination when ever I read that word.

In other news, I have tried and tested my pop-up templates and dummies about as much as they can stand it... and they're still working. This project is almost ready now to send "out there" again, so I will be revealing it very shortly. I also hope to upload a video of them in action.

Take care,
-Mike Boldt