Hey! Someone likes my work.

Happy May to you all. Well, I've been fairly busy so I just have time to do a quick update and post. Firstly, I know I talked about posting my pop-up book working footage on here, but it's going through a major revision currently. Rather than posting it as is, I would rather post the real one. I've also been hashing out several other children's book stories and have even had thoughts of Chuck Chance again. I've been learning the importance of having the story in a fairly solid MS draft (needing only minor tweeks) before taking any steps illustrating. It has been stressed to me a few times lately and I am finally starting to understand why (ie. drawing pages and spending time on art for a story that changes so much the art becomes useless...). I've also done a few more illustrations for my good friends over at BoxClever . These guys do some of the coolest sites around and have a sweet studio. They've just finished doing the Elk Island Public School District's website and all the schools that belong there too! They did such an amazing job their work has been featured on Design Shack and CCS Vault. You may have to scroll on the Design Shack site to find it. When I posted this it was on page 5. I did a couple illos for templates for them. One I posted a while ago (can be seen below) and two others (one yet to be revealed for a school from Spruce Grove). Some sort of cool news with that too was one of the illustrations I did was featured in an article for cool web characters. You can see it here (about half way down-Colchester School) and the main page here which also happens to the school I went to in elementary.

So that's all for now. I hope to have more up soon again.

Take care,