Kuta Contest!

Another edition of the "here I am to post regularly again" blog. What brings me out of solitude this day? Three things actually. Sean Galloway, Kuta, and a contest. I don't often talk on other artists mostly because it is just my opinion of them. But Sean "cheeks" Galloway is someone who I have looked up to for years, pretty much as long as I have been on the internet. His style and dynamic drawing is just amazing. Plus he seems to be a class act on top of the whole gig - works hard, respected and liked by all! Ever since we were in Korea I've been keenly watching him develop his Bastion's 7 property. It's got to be the coolest new -whatever it is going to end up as - ever! When I saw the vinyl collectible that he had sculpted it was a real inspiring moment. I've always loved this stuff and wanted to do my own characters in this form. Anyways, I'll be filling you in more on that thought a bit later. For now back to Mr. Galloway and Kuta. Kuta is the character he is currently about to start selling as a vinyl collectible. And along with the incredible sculpt he's including a number of cards drawn by various artists. So for his last open spot he's threw out a contest for people to send in their own card and the winner will be in the box! Not that I intend to win, but I decided to have a little fun anyways. So here's my entry. You can see more on his blog and on his Dev Art site.

Take care,