Hello everyone!  Well my book, The Gophers In Farmer Burrows' Field, been out now for a couple of weeks.  A story of an ordinary farmer who has some not so ordinary gophers move into one of his fields.  Some gophers who have a peculiar taste for stacking stuff.  Here are some examples of the gophers handywork (click to enlarge): gophershandywork

I wanted to have a little celebration event to help kick things off this month and so the FIRST EVER STACKTASTIC! has been born.

All you have to do to enter is scribble, sketch, draw, paint, film, take a picture, or even write a poem of something that the gophers made into a tower in Farmer Burrows’ Field!  Anything stacked will do!  Have fun being creative.  I want to see crazy drawings, photos of lego towers, shoot even a film of you taking a photo of stacks of "stacktastic" drawings would do!  And for those who want to really get into the Farmer Burrows mood, download and print out this page of Farmer Burrows and his best friend checking out whatever YOU want to put there.


Download the Farmer Burrows Stacktastic page.


Oh and email it to me as all the entries will be posted on my blog.  Please email submissions (or any questions) for Stacktastic to : mike(at)     Subject: STACKTASTIC!  Also include your name, and the "title" of your entry.  Make sure to include a website if you have one, I would love to link back to it.

Out of ALL of the entries the following winners will be chosen:

Bestest "Tallest" Stack

Bestest "Neato" Stack

Mostest "Fan Favorite" Stack

and of course there will be some RANDOM DRAWS that give anyone a chance to win!

Prizes to be awarded include:

Signed copies of the book "The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field"

Original drawings by me,

and a GRAND PRIZE of a limited edition Farmer Burrows Giclee Print!

This contest closes November 30 2009, at 11:59pm.

My only request is that no inappropriate entries be submitted.

Thanks everyone!  Now get going! Stack On!