First STACTASTIC Stacks!

Hello everyone!  Well Stacktastic is underway and emails are starting to drop in. Here are the first two submissions for STACKTASTIC!


First up we have a submission from Leah Boldt (my wonderful sister in-law).  She's calling her Stacktastic "Remnants of last night's Dinner".  The Stack is great and I can attest that the food was equally as good!  Farmer Burrows' gophers could have quite possibly done the same in his dinning room, though very carefully, those dishes look expensive!


Next up we have an absolutely amazing submission from the talented Bill Robinson!  That has to be the largest stack of food I've seen!  I don't know if the gophers prepared that for the cat on purpose or not though ;)  Bill is a really fantastic guy and I am honored to have him submit to STACTASTIC!  If you are interested check out Purrcasso here.  It's a charity auction with TONS of amazing art that has been donated (it was also my privilege to donate a piece) benefitting the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society.

What a great way to get STACKTASTIC started folks!  Keep on Rocking it!