Illustration Friday - Blur

Hello all.  Well, yesterday I realized I had not drawn anything in a very long time as I've been so busy with the STACKTASTIC! contest and my new book, The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field preparing school visits, workshops and selling and filling orders of the book!  Being that it was the end of the week what better way to get back into the groove but with a new Illustration Friday sketch!  This weeks word was BLUR and I had an idea almost instantly.  When I think of the word "blur" my next thought is almost always "what is blurred?" or "Why is my vision blurred?".  My next thought after that was of speed and so naturally I came up with Rocket Raccoon...errr Rip Raccoon.  A very fast little super hero.  While the initial idea of a illustration where everything else was clear except for rip was cool, I tend to prefer to draw characters and so I had the rest of the background blurred at the cost of being able to capture our speedy hero clearly. if-blur

So take care everyone!  And be sure to enter STACKTASTIC!