Keep on STACKIN'

Another week and a few more STACKTASTIC! entries are trickling in.  Mostly photos at this point but they're still great! First up today we have a delicate stack submitted by Teresa.  It's called "Settlements, Roads, and Cities" and for those of you who have ever played Settlers you know what this is:


Next up we have one from Elijah!  A Stack after my own heart.  I'm calling this one "Topped off with Orange".  Not only is this entry impressive in height, but the thought that went into the colors and design in the pattern used is intense and deep!  Awesome!


Finally we have one from Jason.  Not to be out done by his son Elijah, we have "MUCHA-TALLA-MUSICA".  He told me that he actually even had a few more rows on top, but it fell and then was very glad he took the picture when he did.  I'm glad too as I'm sure there would not have been a second attempt.


So there are some more for you all to observe.  I've heard whispers of more STACKTASTIC entries being done.  Don't hesitate!  Send them on over!

Take care!