Hello everyone!  I hope your Friday is going as well as mine!  I just received the first batch of AMAZING entries for STACKTAS TIC! from the Queen Elizabeth School's Grade 4 Class in Lloydminster!  These are not only fantastic smacktastic, but hilarious to boot!  They were also the first ones to use the illustration template!  Well without further ado here they are! stacking-pic-1

This one truly looks like it came right out of the book itself!  Well done!  The gophers have even stacked a fellow rodent at the top of this stack.  I'm calling it "Squirrely Business"


Next up we have "Oh that's where the YELLOW one went".  This one is really teetering and I could just imagine it wavering way into the sky.


It appears in this one that the gophers went on a road trip!  Just look at that collection of road side signs!  "I'm calling this one "Vegas Road Trip"


Our final entry of the day is as equally hilarious as the other 3, but consists of some very unique items that you probably will never find all together again!  A zoo, two cars, a GIANT Hamburger and a SNOWMAN on top!  So what do you call this one?  How about "Snowman Surprise!"

So that's it for today!  Special thanks to you Q.E. Grade 4 class!  I've heard there are more on their way too!  I cannot wait!