First ever STACKTASTIC! is finished!

Well as of 12am this morning the first ever STACKTASTIC! is closed and finished!  I would have posted late last night but I just got back into town and am feeling a bit under the weather.  So I am going to post a few of the final entries I received, but I have to make a special note that this is actually not all of them.  In my last post I mentioned that Queen Elizabeth Grade 4 class was participating and after a serious fight with a unruly scanner the teacher is mailing the contributions to me.  So I am going to hold off deciding and announcing the winners of STACKTASTIC! until I receive that mail and get them up here! So first up we have a photo from Teresa that I'm calling "And the kitchen sink" as it appears almost everyone (see the cat?!!) was game for this stack, and while it's not the tallest, it is definitely loaded with giggles - I can tell.


Next up we have an entry from Benjamin.  It appears nothing can stop these monkeys from not only making one crazy bananas stack, but two!  "A Barrel of Monkeys" is what I am calling this one:


Benjamin doesn't appear to be alone with creating multiple stacks though.  Sophie's entry "FLOWERS-CATS-&-Birds with HATS" is another amazing entry that just cracks me up every time I look at it.  That sun is also looking dangerously close to that barn...


What will those gophers think of next?  Well, it appears "UFS" or Unidentified Flying Stacks was on the menu when Illustrator Jack Foster got involved with STACKTASTIC!  Who knows where the gophers met all these little green men?


Next up we have an entry by the UBER-amazingly talented Jeremy Vanhoozer! Jeremy created this "Junkyard Mech" and it blew me away!  I love the cute little kitten in the top!


And Finally for today, just making it in before the deadline is my friend and artistic sensation Cory Godbey.  Cory sent in what has to be one of the most intimidating entries I've seen so far with a stack of DRAGONS!  I'm calling it "Stack at your own Risk".  Farmer Burrows doesn't seem to be too worried about it though, and they do look awfully polite.  Maybe the gophers just asked nicely:


I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the first ever STACKTASTIC!  It was an absolute hoot watching these come in and I have enjoyed every entry!  I look forward to "judging" winners and awarding the prizes for everyone, and I will do so once I am back in tip top shape and the last entries I am waiting for arrive in the mail!

Take care and don't let the "bug" getcha!