The STACKTASTIC final entries!

Well I said they were in the mail and well, they've arrived.  The rest of Lloydminster's Queen Elizabeth School Grade 4 class's entries arrived.  I've scanned them all will now share them!  I hope to do some serious judging with your help in the next week and announce the winners shortly after before Christmas!  Though once again I will be needing some group participation from everyone for the "fan favorites".  I'll figure out how to add some sort of poll on the side or something for that.  I have to say that ALL of these entries just blew me away.  Each one is so creative and unique! Massive special thanks to the teacher and my friend, Andrea, for organizing this project with her class!

So without further blabbery here they are!


First up we have "And a Tire Swing".


Next up is a beautifully colored entry I'm calling "something fishy".  Amazing details!


"Blue House -Green Car - Brown Cat" is another cute little addition.  I think Farmer Burrows' dog would like to chase that cat!


Now here is a stack that would anyone would love!  "Sweet Tooth" is just amazing!  So much detail with all the candy names too!


A lot of big vehicles in this colorful entry!  I love the big rig and trailer near the top.  I'm not sure what those monsterish guys are in the middle - but their awesome!  So I'm calling this one "Spiky Teeth".


"Leaning tower of Burrows" is what this piece of farm art is called!  Where did those gophers get the elephant?!


"Apple Tree" looks great!  I think I spy another cat near the top too!


This one came with a title.  And seeing that tower, I'd say "underwear" is a perfect fit!  Just one question for this hilarious stack, how many drawers of underwear does one farmer have?


Another great farm fitting stack that would have fit right into the story!  "BIG RED BARN" is yet another super drawing from a student!


There are a lot of different animal faces on this one.  "Count the animals" is exactly what Farmer Burrows and his dog are doing on this one!


Another Entry that made me laugh out loud, though I probably should have been "Rocking out" instead!  Looks like the gophers have some seriously loud taste in music!  Just look at all those classic rockbands and extensive CD collection this stack has!


"Barn and Silo Sandwich" is I think what that bull is thinking on this one.'


WOW!  I think the gophers are getting into real estate and development!  We'll call this one "New Community" as it has all the basics from houses, an apartment, a restaurant the one shopping center that really is everywhere!


"Look out below" is what I think that little pigeon is thinking looking down at the good farmer.  Really loving these farm themed stacks!


"Leaning Tower of Burrows' - Auto edition" must be making Farmer Burrows a bit nervous.


"FLOWERS to the moon" probably goes that high too!  Beautiful colors!


"Blue Truck" has Farmer Burrows very perplexed .  Who is that in there?  Did he help the gophers?


"Meow & Oink" cracks me up.  Not only is the drawing just fantastic but look at this one defy the physics of normal capabilities.  I think that horse and bull have to be some of the strongest animals around.  One leg and he's holding up a tractor!  Not only that, he's a race horse too!  Did he win?


"Wild Wilderness" rounds out the final entries with style.  Just look at all the wildlife in this one.  Lions, Zebras, kittens!  FANTASTIC!

Once again thank you to everyone who participated!  Please go through these all and take note!  I am just blown away by everyone and their entries!

Thank you for making STACKTASTIC so much fun!

Take care and stay tuned for more soon!