Finally, after much deliberation and randomness, and many many laughs, the winners to STACKTASTIC! have been decided!  So without further ado we will start awarding the STACKEEs. Starting with the BESTEST TALLEST Stack we have:


This particular stack was deemed the tallest of the lot.  There were others that definitely came close, but "Flowers to the Moon" is actually taller than the sun and higher than the clouds.  That is a lot of Flowers.  For entering this STACKEE the participant has won a 100% Original Sketch!!!

Next up we have the BESTEST NEATO stack


I do believe as soon as I saw "MUCHA-TALLA-MUSICA" I said "neato".  There were also a lot of contenders for this STACKEE Award, in fact every entry was a in the hunt, but after many sleepless nights this was the entry I concluded was the BESTEST NEATO stack.  I would have liked to have seen it before it fell.  For claiming this title, the prize awarded is a one of a kind Giclee Print of a scene from the "Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field" book!

Next up we have some of entries that I chose at random.  Each of these winners will be sent a signed (by me) copy of the book that started this all!  And in no particular order here they are:


"Leaning Tower of Burrows"






and the last Random Superness STACKEE goes to "Snowman Surprise!"

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered.  This was so much fun and I will definitely be doing it again in the future...

BUT WAIT!!!!!  There's still a STACKEE left unclaimed!


The "MOSTEST FAN FAVORITE!" STACKEE will win a free 100% Original Sketch!!!  Check the poll on the side of the blog and cast your vote!!!

The voting will end on the 18th of December so people will have just over 1 week to get their votes in!  Best wishes to all those selected for the Fan Favorite!

Take care and thank you again to everyone!


ps.  Those who won will be contacted by me and arrangement for delivery/shipment of the prizes will be made.