Inspiring artists

I don't often post on other artists.  I've often thought I should as there are so many uberly talented people out there.  Well, now I actually I am.  I've decided to explain a little of why I have the blogroll (side links) that I do, and every so often now I am going to try to hi-light one of them.  It's really the least I can do for the inspiration they have been to me.  So we begin. Darren Rawlings is quite an amazing talent.  His motion graphics make me drool (please please also check out the Missile Mouse Trailer he did for my friend Jake Parker), but on top of that I love his artwork.   However, ever since I first saw his character AGENT ORANGE (AO to the coolest of coolios) I've been hit with the roundhouse of awesome-sauce that he is.  Maybe because I'm a sucker for Trenchcoat detectives/agents and that I'm a sci fi comic fan AND Agent Orange happens to be BOTH!  I am really excited to read this comic.

Yesterday I saw that he had a started a cool fan art site just for AO and I immediately had to draw this science fiction masterpiece.  So here's the doodle I whipped up this morning.  I hope Darren likes him.


Well, that concludes this first special moments with fantastic artists post.  Oh yeah, and right now if you want to see RAWLS' drawing the Hulk pretty much smashing everything and everyone check out his blog!

Oh and I forgot to mention.  Darren also happens to have one of the Cooooooooolest tag names around.  RAWLS?!!!!  How cool is that.

Take care

-Boldtsy... BO ... Mmmoldt ... Dang, I'm sorry but that just doesn't work and for more reasons then that it's lame to come up with your own nick name.