Scribblers for Life tour 2010!

Hello everyone!  Spring is here and welcome back to the blog!  It's been rather inactive the last few months though I have not been - well relatively anyways. So the quick update from last month was that over $26,000 was raised in the Brownstones to Red Dirt Charity auction!  That's awesome!  It was fun to watch the many different pieces really rocket up in the end, and you could tell there were more than a few people dueling it out.

Since the beginning of this year I've been visiting schools, books stores and other places around Alberta promoting my book, doing some instruction, as well as just having a great time with the kids and students where ever I go.   I've decided to officially title my travels the "Scribblers For Life Tour 2010".  Here's a little map I did up for it. (clicky for bigger)


And I'm hitting the next two stops this tomorrow and all weekend!

As I said these school visits have been an absolute blast!  Last month I was at Holy Spirit School in Devon and right at the beginning of April I was at the Indigo book store in the Edmonton International Airport.  Both were great experiences!  Last week I traveled north to the wonderful city of Whitecourt!  I had been invited some time ago by their amazing librarian and we finally had a few dates that worked.  I have to say I was overwhelmed at the way the school welcomed me and had anticipated my visit.  The staff was amazing and the kids were unbelievably incredible.  For two full days different classes came and did a number of different sessions with me.  We created some hilarious books together, some crazy Stacktastics, a couple book readings and many books signed!  Here are a few pictures from my last visit to Whitecourt Central School:


I am awed by the way these students at these schools can come up with the most creative-ingenious-funny-original ideas and they just hunger for more.   So many of them have an insane amount of talent too.  They teach me probably a whole lot more than I believe they area learning from me haha.  Every time I return home from a visit, though I may be tired, I am inspired.  This has turned out to be a most welcome part of my career and I look forward to what I hope are many more school readings and visits!

If you are a part of a library, school, organization, or even a birthday party planning committee and are interested in having me come out to read, teach, do activities with the kids and students, please contact me for more information.  I would love to email and talk with you more about it.

Take care,