Rosebrier Community School and the Calgary Comic Expo!!!

Hey Hey!  How's everyone enjoying their Spring so far?  Mine has been great!  I've just finished my second picture book (stay tuned for some sneak peeks soon) as well as some more school visits and a Comic Expo.  I cannot believe how much fun this has been.  I know I am saying it a lot these days, but honestly, these school visits are just an awesome time for me (I hope the students are enjoying it too haha).  So back at the end of April I visited Rosebrier Community School just out side Wetaskiwin.  Rosebrier is located in some just beautiful country that really describes the prairies well.  The sky just felt so huge out there, as you can see from my pictures.  The school itself is super cool not just because of the fantastic students and staff, but they have the original Rosebrier school that was at least 100 years old right there on the property.  I was fortunate enough to even be given a tour of it!  Talk about history, though I didn't see any computer desks in that old building, made me wonder how they sent their emails....   Another really cool aspect of this visit was the fact that I finally got to sling out my Digital Illustration session on some Grade 8 and students.  I let them take a ride with my wacom tablet too once we were done.  Naturally, as all kids these days, they took to it like a duck to water.  They were also very familiar with the gophers from my Farmer Burrows book, though they confessed they took care of them in a different way... rosebriervisit1

Over all it was a great time and it took me back a ways to my own childhood and going to a small country school.  Thanks again Rosebrier!

My weekend didn't end there however.  The very next two days I had managed to get a last minute table at the Calgary Comic Expo.  My first experience with a table at a comic show too, and so I was a little worried how it would go with my "kidsy" stuff.  Well, I am happy to say it was a blast!  The place was packed, an estimated 15,000 people cruised the expo that weekend and I sold out of almost all my prints!  I also was selling my book, The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field, and my new sketchbook (as well as trading a ton of them with the surrounding artists I marveled at all weekend.  Also, being located in the Artist's Alley of this event I finally braved my fears and did some "con comishes", as in drawings on the spot for people.  Did a few Chuck Chances and his characters, a Jackalope from my Legendary Anthology comic, and a Batman, a Thor, and a Captain Marvel (Shazam!).  It also just so happened to be one of Leonard Nimoy's last public appearances, and I was able to see his session (via bigscreen) while grabbing a bite to eat.  Really cool.


One of the huge highlights on top of having a great time with my own table, was meeting the other amazing people and talents at the con.  Doug TenNapel, creator of one of my all time favorite characters (Earthworm Jim), came over and was talking to me on the last day!  IN fact he seemed so genuine and natural I didn't even recognize him until I saw his name tag.  Then I almost fell over.  A super cool guy with who I was able to get some original art from his Catscratch show.  Awesome!

I also almost always have my eye out for other comics for kids (being that I am looking to make one myself next in Chuck Chance) and came upon two super cool dudes, Chris and Marv, the creators of the comic "The Misadventures of Mal and Lot" of Powie Studios.  A really wild and exciting comic for kids that is high action.  Kids are going to love this book.  I'm looking forward to running into these guys again!  I also snagged a commish'd sketch of one of my favorite xmen - nightcrawler done by Marcio Takara!  Met and talked (and exchanged some prints) with two cool dudes of the Udon Crew, Eric Vedder and Joe Viens!!!  This post could probably be many lines longer.  Quick last shout outs to David, Holly and Autumn for being fantastic table neighbors and amazing artists to boot!!!

Needless to say, I'll be going back.

Take care,