Three School Visits and a Tub

Hellllllo everyone!  May is almost done for me and June is upon us, but what an amazing May it has been!  I have 3 school visits to blog about so lets get to it! Well the Scribblers for Life Tour starting this month quite a ways north from where I live in a small community called Kinuso (which is close to Slave Lake).  I zipped up there the night before and I must have seen at least 20+ white tailed road hazards (Deer).  After the first 3 I was very glad the sun was setting much later.  I also saw more beaver lodges and dams than I have ever seen before in my life, which gave me a whole new appreciation for their hard work after seeing some of their amazing constructions (and how much it changed the land!!).  Finally, Slave Lake was like a small sea, you could see across it one way fairly easily, but length was it looked like it was the ocean looking out on it.  MOST OF ALL  Kinuso Elementary School was just amazing and we even created a new first - a Double Decker Stacktastic - Officially the tallest STACKTASTIC yet!!!  Here's some of the carnage:


What was a nice surprise about a week after my visit to Kinuso was when I received a whole pile of notes and letters from the Students in Grade  5:


Makes it all worth while!

Next stop on the tour was Ermineskin Elementary!  Now this school was cooooool.  When I first arrived I saw this amazing banner that the students had made for me (As seen in photo below) with cool drawing of my own pictures and it said "Tatawaw" which means "Welcome" in Cree!  I did a number of readings of my Gophers in Farmer Burrows Field book and they all informed me they knew ALL about gophers (though they handled them differently than Farmer Burrows did).  They had also made some amazing 3D paper scenes from my book!  It was ultra awesome and so much fun!  "Hai Hai" Ermineskin Elementary ( which I believe is Thank you in Cree).


This month has taken me all over small town Alberta and shown me just how diverse and beautiful this province is.  Last week I had the pleasure to visit Alder Flats Elementary School which is between Drayton Valley and Rocky Mountain House, a few hours to the west of my home.  I was once again blown away (as I have been with all the schools I've been to) by their hospitality of the staff and by how great the students were.  We made a couple of books together using the BBF (Boldt Book Formula) a STACKTASTIC, and I was able to teach one class all about digital illustration.  These grade 5s and 6s are fortunate enough to get to dabble in photoshop and learn about digital mediums at a very young age.  Awesome!  I shared a bit of how I work and lent some tips to them, and then gave as many as I had time for a whirl on my own wacom tablet that I packed along.  I even created a quick sketch (that they donated the ideas for - a Dr. Crocodile with a beard) for them to color at a later date.  I look forward to seeing their own creations some day!  Thank you Alder Flats Elementary, you rock!  Here's that creation:


If you feel like coloring Crazy Croc PHD and sending it to me too, go right ahead!  I'll post them on my blog with all the others that come in!!!

My final blurb of this marathon post is a recent illustration I did that I may have in print (in my store) at some point in the future.  I think I'm calling it "Bathtime".


Take care everyone!