CFRU 93.3 interview!

Hello everyone!  I am definitely having a lot of fun with my new wacom cintiq.  It's crazy!  I'm still trying to figure out a workspace arrangement that will be efficient, but drawing with it is phenomenal. Late last week I had the pleasure to be interviewed by CFRU 93.3's (in Guelph ON) Sarah Mangle for her show called : These Things that People Make.

It was a lot of fun and Sarah had some really interesting questions for me and I even did a part of a reading!  You can check out more of her shows here at CFRU's main Archive (incidentally my interview is Thursday : 2010-06-10 episode at 10am.)

It was a 30 minute interview that I've downloaded and split into 3 parts for you to listen to if you don't want to stream it:




I "definitely" said one word a few to many times... but at least the "umm" count was kept to a min.  I am in need of some public media speaking classes I think, but I also know I could have done much worse.

On the media relations note, this morning I was in a short (very short) feature done on our local TV stations morning show - Breakfast Television.  I'm trying to track down a recording I can post here as well.

I also had a school visit yesterday of which I will post more on as soon as I get some photo's organized.

For now I will leave you with the results of my first drawing attempt on my cintiq.


Colors are a bit off of my normal monitor, but there are lots of things to figure out still and I'm not too worried about it.

Take care,