Media for Gophers!

Hey Hey, I hope everyone is enjoying their July so far.  I sure am.  The weather is fantastic and I am busy busy gearing up for SDCC and two other cons this summer in late August.

It's been a fun last few weeks as well.  I was asked to come on Breakfast TV again and did a little "bit" on encouraging creativity in kids with some drawing.  It was pretty stressful as my first appearance on live tv, and then moments before we go live I get the advice to "make sure your hands keep drawing while you answer the questions"... bit.  "Oh no".  If anyone knows me I'm not great at the more than one thing at a time.  The bad news is the car I drew on live TV was not exactly good (downright embarrassing - even my wife confessed), Good news was that at least all the words coming out of my mouth sounded good - even with the strange facial expressions I made trying to focus on drawing and answering questions at the same time.  Ahh good times.  I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of the video, but if I do I'll put it up here for some comic relief!

The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field has also been picking up some more reviews and good press in the media.  Laurie Greenwood did a very nice review of my book on Global TV in her book review segment on the 24th of June.  Here is a link if you're interested (Gophers is the second book):

Click here for Gophers Book Review

There's rumors of other videos and reviews out there and so I'll be on the hunt to find them.

Until then Take care!