Sketchin' freebies - FANG and Tiny Tim

Hello everyone.  So some time last month I offered to draw FREE sketches for anyone (who was a fan on my FB site) who drew any sort of alien, monster or alligator.  I got a whole pile of really cool aliens and monsters (alligator's feeling a bit left out but he'll return) - check them out on the FB site!  Side note - all the drawings were from two fantastic and creative "nephews" of mine.  So apparently they will both WIN the grand prize of a free canvas on top of FREE sketches! Here are all of their super awesome submissions (Oh and each Alien and monster has a full name and description on the FB site):


So for their free sketch I decided to draw them each my own version of THEIR creation that they sent.  I drew the top left (TinyTim) and bottom left (Fang).


and a quick digital splashing of color:


Here is what Tiny Tim is about (direct quote):

Tiny Tim is hard and pokey with lots of eyes and short red arms and legs. He can swim on top of water.

Second came Fang (with a couple PS touchups - I kept looking for the "undo" key)!


Fang's deets:

Fang has super sharp teeth and can swim with his webbed feet in the most dark places.

So special thanks to you two dudesters!  Your drawings were so great and I hope you guys always participate in my contests and keep drawing!

Now it's time to get back to work - new picture book to finish, more Chuck Chance work, and more prep work for Chicago Comic Con and Toronto Fan Expo.

Take care,