the B.R.L.

The end of my work day is one of my favorite times.  Not because I hate my job, I love it actually, but because my son bursts into my office letting me know I am done and that it is now time to play.  My daughter is often trailing. So the other day Eli came in said "Daddy, what's thaaatCan you draw me a Loader.  A Big RED Loader?!!

This is what the next 5 minutes of scribbles resulted in:


Oh, and he also requested that a penguin be operating it.  There were other attachments and extras that I had on it as well but they didn't make the high standards and strict art direction of my son.

After I was done I asked him if he liked it.

"Yess-let's go play"

Totally worth it.  I may have to make this a regular weekly (or monthly) exercise.

Now back to preparing for Chicago Comic Con!  If you're going to be there let me know and we'll meet up - or come and see me, let me know you're a FB fan and I'll do up a free sketch for you!

Take care,