Master Yo yo yo Yoda


Quick post today everyone!  My brother's boss saw the Spidey I sketched up for him the other day and asked if I could do one up for his son.  He son, like most boys these days (and not unlike myself growing up - or still!) is a STAR WARS nut!  He asked for a "Master Yoda", who also happens to be one of my oldest friends favorite character.  I never new Yoda was anything but a master, and I am not completely up to my normal skill level in SW trivia, so he ended up looking like this: 

I am going to lay down some marker on this, as it was asked for.  But I don't have a green, or brown for that matter, and I wasn't going to make a trip into town just to pick up two markers this afternoon.  Yet I just couldn't wait either.  I'm no expert in Photoshop, but I decided to lay down some color and experiment a bit and so I got going after lunch and finished this just before supper:


Lots to learn, but it was fun.

I'm thinking about offering up commissions for people, mostly like the ink version above with maybe a splash of marker color.  I'd do up some PS version for people as well, but it would probably cost slightly more.  Let me know your thoughts - if anyone cares to comment haha.

Take care everyone!