Commissions Commissions

Hey ho, it's that time again.  Blog post time!  Yeah. So recently I've taken on quite a few commissions for people.  Ever since I did the one of the BFFs a month ago, other people have been asking for me to characterize their kids.

First up we have a picture I'm calling Team R.  The clients wanted me to have  both of her sons in one illustration.  As per my usual practice, I ask for some background so I can try to add some of their character into their...well character.  The older son was into robots, video games, space, and science.  The younger was into, well, "Cool".  So based off that I decided they would make a nifty superhero team.  This is the final result:


Next commission that came in saw my "movie poster" concept (above) and asked me if I could do something similar for her three kids.  Her oldest was into video games like Halo, second oldest was into skateboarding, and the youngest was into cars and princesses.  After a moment of thinking I immediately had a vision of something along the lines of spykids, mission impossible, ironman, and The 5th Element with a little Mad Max thrown in for fun.  The idea is that they are some sort of team (as well) who are just making off with some important data they just made off with.  I called it Plan B.  Here are a couple stages of my process on it:


You can see from these stages to the final there are quite a few changes.  The front end of the car changed a lot more than three times too, and it became a night scene.  I really struggle with drawing inanimate stuff like cars and especially cities.  So although it was fun, it was tough.  Here's the final:


I had a really good time working on these commissions.  #1, I like sci fi/superhero stuff and #2 I haven't done many pics with kids in this age range.  It was a nice change.

Well, that's all for now folks!  I have another couple things I want to share, but you'll have to wait!

Take care,