9 Degrees North Project - An ABC book for Northern Ghana

Hello Everyone and hello 2009!  It's only taken half way through January to get something on here though I have been busy.  Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn Pottage of Tools for Schools Africa - The Domango Project.  She heard I sometime join charity art projects such Brownstones to Reddirt, Purrcasso, and Art Blocks for Ghana) and asked if there was a way we could work together to create an ABC picture book for the students of Northern Ghana.  I would have loved to have taken on the project all on my own, but I knew that was not possible (at this time), but I had an idea.  Inspired by the other charity art projects I've participated in I thought what if we gathered a number of talented artists together to each do one page.  And so the 9 Degrees North Project was born! 


We have 25 extremely talented artists all graciously donating their time and talents to this worthy cause.  The artists that said yes to this project will blow you away!  The end product (the ABC book will be printed and hopefully shipped to Northern Ghana by May!  Some of the books will remain behind and the profits from the sales of these books will help fund the second printing costs and cycle into what we hope is a self sustaining product with thousands and thousands of copies being shipped to Ghana every time.  Visit the site and see the artwork as I post it up as the artists send it in and read more about it.  Click here too:

I had the Letter T for Transportation.  Here is my piece:


Many of the artists (and myself) have included some of our progress shots.  Go check it out!

Take care!