Good, decent and Fabulous reasons to be away!

Hello everyone.  Once again it's been a while since I last posted.  This time I actually have some good reasons, a decent reason, and a fabulous reason!  Firstly, I've been just swamped with work, some of which I hope to be able to share with you in the future - sort of the down side of top secret projects I suppose.  Secondly, I've been busy with teacher's conventions and school visits as well as a ton of admin style stuff that I have to catch up with every so often.  And finally, and most fantastically, I had a new daughter arrive a couple weeks early, but she's been a wonderful surprise! So I'll leave you with a couple pieces I recently did as it's all I have time for tonight, with the fact that I'm still swamped with work, catching up with paperwork, and trying to enjoy my new daughter!

The first is a sketch that I did for a fan of my Facebook site.  Just because he took a couple stabs at guessing what GSP stood for on my last drawing.  Giraffe Space Program for those wondering.  So the way we roll on the Boldtman studios Fan Site is giving away stuff when we can.  He asked for a couple Kung Fu Crocs and I was more than happy to oblige.


Second up my awesome agent Jen Rofé is going to NYC to meet up with some publishers and so asked all of the artists she represents to do a self portrait for a new tearsheet.  I admit I don't do many, so I did one of myself in my usual outfit that I wear to do all my work in the office.


I added my standard cheesy smile and nostril flair to help people recognize me.

That's it for now, more at a later date so take care!