It's a bird! It's a Plane...going down in flames!

I had a hankering for Superman the other day though I admit I've never been a huge fan.  Recently I saw a fan made animation and it really kindled a new appreciating for the son of Krypton.  You can see it here.   Not only is it an amazing piece of work, but it was a very refreshing look for Supes.  I think the reason I don't care much for Superman (unless Alex Ross is doing him in Kingdom Come) is that he seems TOO invincible and almost infinitely strong.  Most heroes seem to be so much stronger and tougher than they used to be, and that is probably why I have favored Batman, still an ordinary man.   This classic superman as well as the old classic cartoon makes him struggle a bit it seems, just a little bit, and I like it.  Anyway, I did this little doodle the Man of Steel and forgot to post it to my blog.  So here it is:


I actually struggled a while with this pose.  I'm not used to really dynamic figure drawing and halfway through it I almost wimped out and took the easy route, but since this was an exercise, I worked it for a while until I got it, or more a less got it.  Still not completely happy with it.  Oh well.  So any other heroes you would like to see done?  Let me know!

Tomorrow I'll post up some work from some recent jobs I've finished.

Take care,