Winter is here

Busy. Busy busy busy, actually. That's what I've been. I'm extremely grateful for the work and opportunities, but it has left me missing, or more accurately neglecting, my blog and other things. So this is just a quick one.


Fall is past and now we have Winter. I say we have winter as soon as we have snow, but this year we've been having some odd snowflakes dropping in this area.


Fancy that eh?


Thankfully before it melted I traced one and made a template. You can download it here and make your own! 123vsABCsnowflaketemplate


Happy Thanksgiving and Winter everyone!



I had one person mention that these guys would look nice as a garland on a Christmas Tree. So I made a 123 vs ABC paper doll chain / Garland template.

NOW if you click either of these links you'll get the two page pdf with both templates to download! Click here: 123 VS ABC SNOWFLAKE/PAPER DOLL GARLAND