Brownstones to Red Dirt

Brownstones to Red Dirt Benifit Art Auction!

brownstones Right now, as I am writing this, there is an amazing benefit art auction going on!  As I posted back in January, Brownstones to Red Dirt is a documentary featuring children from two vastly different parts of the world and the story of them becoming pen pals and sharing their lives with each other.  Well Vicki Saulls has organized all of these artists to donate pieces of art on wooden postcards with the hope to raise enough money with them to build a school for the orphans in Freetown, Sierra Leone and create a library for the youth at their school in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

The auction can be found HERE!!!

And it ends this Saturday!  The goal of this cause is worthy enough to check it out, but the art is absolutely incredible.  The artists are from all sorts of backgrounds, from animators to picturebook artists, to sculptors to painters.

I have my eye on a few like one by Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi - The main art director at Pixar right now finishing up Toy Story 3!

Anyone interested can see my piece as well.  It's called "Far off Friends".  I based it off the characters from my upcoming picture book because they had a very similar story to their friendship coming from completely different worlds...


See you all next week!

Take care,