Chuck Chance

Scribbles and Colors

Hey.  Quick post today as I am busily prepin' for the Calgary Comic Expo this weekend!  I'm really excited as last year was just fantastic!  If you're in the area I'm booth R03.  Stop by and say "howdy" after all we will be in Calgary! So I love seeing process videos, other artists and creators at work doing their thing, painting, coloring, and so on.  So while I was re-designing a character for a picturebook I'm working on I all of a sudden decided to record myself coloring it.  Here's that video:


Or click here

Here is the final of that character:

Finally, I'll toss in this warm up sketch of chuck I did the other day.


Take care everyone!


San Diego Comic Con!!!

It's that time again!  San Diego Comic Con is only days...errr, I'm already counting down in hours, and I'm headed down for my second visit on Wednesday!  I wasn't able to get a table (as it's nearly a 4 year wait they say!!!) but I'm going none the less and it's going to be awesome!  I'm mostly looking forward to meeting up with some friends and amazing talents who I've mostly connected with over the net.  Jake Parker, Dan Santat, Cory Godbey, John Nevarez, Justin Gerard, Bobby Chiu to name a few, and manymanymanymany others too!!! I am also once again bringing some goodies to hand out to folks.  Last year Chuck Chance T-shirts and other stickers and such.  This year I'm bringing Chuck Chance again, this time in the form of some posters.  So if you see me around, ask and you'll get one of these goodies I did up the last couple days:




In case you were wondering "Trip for Biscuits" is the name of the first story I'm doing for Chuck Chance!  I should also have a couple copies of my sketchbook for those who want!  Stay tuned and I'll hope to be updating some photos of the con as I have time!

Take care!


CFRU 93.3 interview!

Hello everyone!  I am definitely having a lot of fun with my new wacom cintiq.  It's crazy!  I'm still trying to figure out a workspace arrangement that will be efficient, but drawing with it is phenomenal. Late last week I had the pleasure to be interviewed by CFRU 93.3's (in Guelph ON) Sarah Mangle for her show called : These Things that People Make.

It was a lot of fun and Sarah had some really interesting questions for me and I even did a part of a reading!  You can check out more of her shows here at CFRU's main Archive (incidentally my interview is Thursday : 2010-06-10 episode at 10am.)

It was a 30 minute interview that I've downloaded and split into 3 parts for you to listen to if you don't want to stream it:




I "definitely" said one word a few to many times... but at least the "umm" count was kept to a min.  I am in need of some public media speaking classes I think, but I also know I could have done much worse.

On the media relations note, this morning I was in a short (very short) feature done on our local TV stations morning show - Breakfast Television.  I'm trying to track down a recording I can post here as well.

I also had a school visit yesterday of which I will post more on as soon as I get some photo's organized.

For now I will leave you with the results of my first drawing attempt on my cintiq.


Colors are a bit off of my normal monitor, but there are lots of things to figure out still and I'm not too worried about it.

Take care,


Scratchin' the Sketchin' itch

Hello Everyone!  I don't know about you but we've been getting buckets of rain around here.  But all that wetness can't even dampen my spirits this week.  I'll keep it at that for info at this point but you'll all soon be in the loop.  In fact maybe as soon as this weekend I'll drop some more news. Anyway, I've finished my second picture book and now have begun working on prep for my next undertaking.  This may be my biggest project to date too but I am super excited for it.  Finally my Chuck Chance graphic novel will be off the "on again off again hiatus bandwagon" (which I happen to know Chuck did not appreciate very much at all).

One of my main problems is that I am constantly developing new styles and techniques as I work (and hopefully improvements too).  So after many many many months of doing the picture book style that encompasses most of my recent work I started sketching some Chuck Chance again this week (as well as another character from the story).  So expect more of this in the future.


On a side note, any of you PS/comic coloring experts have any good techniques for coloring under the lines for this sort of style?  Maybe my settings are off but I've been frustrated with the paintbucket after I "fill" and area.  It always seems to expand a couple of pixels my coloring edge which can jump it out side the designated coloring area I have.  I really need to figure this out as I have an entire book to do and I need to streamline my process as much as possible.  So whoever can help me figure this out, or provide me with a better solution gets a sketch of any Chuck Chance character free!

Take care everyone!