100+ Facebook Fans for Boldtman Studios = Prizes and Giveaways

Hello everyone, I am celebrating today as Boldtman Studio's fan site on FB now has 100+ fans!  So rock this milestone moment, I have decided upon the following contest/giveaway. Firstly, you have to be a fan on FB to participate. (click the link on the side to "sign up")

Secondly, and this is the easy participation part.  I will send anyone a free original sketch IF they draw any sort of Alien, Monster, or Alligator and post it on my FB fan site.  I have no idea why those three things but they were the first ones that came to mind.  (Well actually Horse was the original 3rd subject so he can potentially still slide in there if anyone wants).

PLUS ***BONUS*** who ever is chosen as the "BESTEST of the SKETCHEST" for their submission will win a FREE Giclee Canvas Print from me!

So did you all get that?

To get things rolling I did a little cover illustration and who knows what or whose drawings could possibly all end up on the inside one day?!!!


Take care everyone!  I hope to draw 100+ sketches for you all!!!


Facebook & BoldtmanStudios, plus some other updates

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well.  I know there hasn't really been much reason for people to update their links to the new site/blog yet, so here's a post. I finally joined Facebook.  I've been avoiding it for some time, but I caved.  A good friend finally said, look, you need to make a Boldtman Studios FB page.  You NEED to.  So I did, though he did give me a lot more reasons than just what I have written there ;)  So go here and become a fan.  The perks of becoming a fan will soon become known ;)  Plus right now I am needing some advise as to which version of an illustration I should be sending to Purrcasso...


And speaking of contest giveaways ... some other exciting news: I just received the proofs from my "Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field" book and they looked great.  They're on their way back now with everything pretty much approved or fixed and I hope 4-5 weeks from now to have the product on my site.  I will have a Farmer Burrows launch party with lots of treats and goodies, so be sure to stay tuned.

Now for a little sample of my next book that I've been working, here are the first couple of pages :


(these may be subject to change - but are still completely copyrightedness by me so no copycopy shinanigans)

That's it for now!  So go join my FB site and become a fan!

See you soon,