Catching up with blogging

Hey Ho everyone, and to you too December!  We have full snow covered ground here in Spruce Grove, and are feeling very festive with Christmas now fast approaching.  So before I get even further behind I need to get this post done.  So please prepare yourselves: Firstly, I've been doing some sketching lately of my raccoon hero character.  So this is what I have in regards to that:


Some while ago I was discussing an idea with someone that I've not been able to get out of my head.  So it became my next image that I worked on:


I've called it "The Search for the Great Pink Elephant".  My nieces have definitely had an impact on me and I wanted this little girl to look like she was ready to take on any adventure.  The boy holding the action figure has been inspired by my own son's recent obsession with heroes and action figures, especially Batman.  In fact, here is a little testament to that statement:


You can't see it, but I'm sure he has Spiderman Socks on too.  Oh, and this instance he's informing me that he requires that lego batman game because HE'S Batman!  It was very hard to argue with him.

I've often talked about Illustration Friday as a fantastic exercise to stay sharp and push myself further.  Many of my favorite pieces and prints in my store are actually IF drawings.  A short while ago I discovered Sketchaholic, a fantastic new site by Bobby Chiu of Schoolism and many other mastery on the web.  On Sketchaholic, Bobby conducts live interviews of industry professionals from Dreamworks, Pixar and many others.  It is very informative, but also a new challenge as well.  Every interview is also a contest, as the interview-ee poses a topic or subject and then chooses a winner at the end of the interview.  Christophe Lautrette was scheduled to be interviewed on Sunday and the subject of his contest was "Marco Polo in Asia".  I happened to be looking for a doodle to do, and this topic caught my eye.  I like history and so I began some wiki reading on Mr Polo.  After some reading I did this:


It was a great interview and in the end Christophe ended up choosing me as the winner!  I was thrilled of course, as the winner usually gets an original piece of artwork from the interview-ee and since it was sponsored by Corel, I also won a copy of Painter 11!  Happy Day!  Thank you much to Sketchaholic, Bobby Chiu and of course Christophe Lautrette.

Then just yesterday I was discussing an idea with a friend, actually it was my friend's idea.  A Dwarf with a big axe, hammer in his belt and shield on his back charging.  This took me back to my youth when all my time drawing was focused almost completely upon drawing fantasy characters.  Elves, knights, dragons, and other mystical creatures.  It has been too long and so I quickly found this pour out:


Well, I think that's all for now!  Thanks to anyone who actually read this all haha!

Take care,


Sketchin' freebies - FANG and Tiny Tim

Hello everyone.  So some time last month I offered to draw FREE sketches for anyone (who was a fan on my FB site) who drew any sort of alien, monster or alligator.  I got a whole pile of really cool aliens and monsters (alligator's feeling a bit left out but he'll return) - check them out on the FB site!  Side note - all the drawings were from two fantastic and creative "nephews" of mine.  So apparently they will both WIN the grand prize of a free canvas on top of FREE sketches! Here are all of their super awesome submissions (Oh and each Alien and monster has a full name and description on the FB site):


So for their free sketch I decided to draw them each my own version of THEIR creation that they sent.  I drew the top left (TinyTim) and bottom left (Fang).


and a quick digital splashing of color:


Here is what Tiny Tim is about (direct quote):

Tiny Tim is hard and pokey with lots of eyes and short red arms and legs. He can swim on top of water.

Second came Fang (with a couple PS touchups - I kept looking for the "undo" key)!


Fang's deets:

Fang has super sharp teeth and can swim with his webbed feet in the most dark places.

So special thanks to you two dudesters!  Your drawings were so great and I hope you guys always participate in my contests and keep drawing!

Now it's time to get back to work - new picture book to finish, more Chuck Chance work, and more prep work for Chicago Comic Con and Toronto Fan Expo.

Take care,


Hello everyone! Yesterday afternoon I participated in a short, 1 hour contest on  Bobby Chiu, of and has started the site.  I just signed up and it seems to be a lot of fun.  Yesterday he was giving away a sketch, and so during his livecast on Ustream, he gave out a topic and we all had 1 hour to get our drawing for "Baby movie character" done and uploaded.  I didn't win, but it was a good exercise to keep me moving and thinking really fast.  Here's my entry:


It's called "the Next Generation"...

I've followed Bobby's work for more than a few years way back on CGTalk.  He's always been about teaching and instructing others and just sharing knowledge.  Seems like a great guy and I'm looking forward to meeting him next week at SDCC!

On a side note, my Facebook Contest has one member off to a massive start with a pile of awesome drawings that have been uploaded.  Go on over to my Facebook Fan site, check it out, upload anything, and get a free sketch from me!

Take care!


100+ Facebook Fans for Boldtman Studios = Prizes and Giveaways

Hello everyone, I am celebrating today as Boldtman Studio's fan site on FB now has 100+ fans!  So rock this milestone moment, I have decided upon the following contest/giveaway. Firstly, you have to be a fan on FB to participate. (click the link on the side to "sign up")

Secondly, and this is the easy participation part.  I will send anyone a free original sketch IF they draw any sort of Alien, Monster, or Alligator and post it on my FB fan site.  I have no idea why those three things but they were the first ones that came to mind.  (Well actually Horse was the original 3rd subject so he can potentially still slide in there if anyone wants).

PLUS ***BONUS*** who ever is chosen as the "BESTEST of the SKETCHEST" for their submission will win a FREE Giclee Canvas Print from me!

So did you all get that?

To get things rolling I did a little cover illustration and who knows what or whose drawings could possibly all end up on the inside one day?!!!


Take care everyone!  I hope to draw 100+ sketches for you all!!!


Dueling Banjo Pigs

Hello all. The other day I came upon this blog: Dueling Banjo Pigs.  It's fantastic!  What started off as a duel between Guy Francis and Stacy Curtis has turned into a sort of in an open ended competition that everyone's invited to join in.  Plus, I've actually been a Guy Francis fan for quite a long time.  I simply had to participate and so here is my doodle of the morning:


So if anyone of you feels the desire for some banjo ham time get on it and send it on over to Guy or Stacy.

Old man '09 has (almost) left the building!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and blessed Christmas!  Mine was an amazing time with family and friends.  It was so nice to relax and enjoy time together as a family and just eat a lot of very good food. So a new year is almost upon us.  So far around 300 copies of The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field have sold!  So we're ramping up for the new year and getting more sales done across the country.  The new year will also have some school visits and presentations as well as some workshops which I am very excited about.  I did a reading at a local Starbucks to a few children before Christmas and it was a blast.  Stacktastic was a lot more fun to do with the kids than I had even imagined.  My second children's picture book is nearly done and I am going to start to trickle out info and tidbits on it in the weeks coming up.

So a really good friend of mine alerted me to the fact that the iphone app I did last year is/was featured in almost every mac store in the world!  Well, at least every one that had the Christmas App tree display.  Not only that, but it was featured twice in the same display!!  Once at the largest size and another smaller one.  Jingle Jumble is the app, and it's free!  So go ahead and go get it here!


This is the App Tree display in the mac stores (photo not by me)


So we had to take a trip down to the mall to see if it was true and in our own mac store.  This was taken by my sister in law.  In our local mac store this was in the front window!


And there I am with it.  The mac "guru's" and mac fanatics were all looking at me like I was crazy - and they didn't really believe me when I said that was the one I did haha.  Oh well.  Still sorta surreal to see it.

Lastly, I am still catching up with some long over due prizes for the winners of STACKTASTIC!  So here are what two of the original sketches that I will soon be shipping out to a pair of the winners!


The character in both of these sketches is from the new book too!  I'm keeping the name on the down low as I will soon be having another contest and prizes that fall closely in line with the "name" of this fella.

Well take care all!  Thank you for a wonderful first year (or half of one) here at Boldtman Studios!  I cannot wait to get this new year rolling!


The Votes are in!

Well the voting was close, but "Something Fishy" has won the STACKEE for the "Mostest Fan Favorite" Stack.  A very worthy winner for an exceptionally colored and imaginative stack!  Nothing "fishy" about this winning entry! mostestfanfavwinner

Congrats again and thank you to all those who participated in any measure for the first ever STACKTASTIC!  If you have not been contacted yet as a winner it should happen this week and you should have your prizes all shortly into the new year.  I am sort of shut down the next couple weeks as some of you, like me may be celebrating Christmas!

Stay tuned every one.  This will not be the last contest here on Boldtman Studios and I have some exciting news for the new year!

Take care,

-Mike Boldt


Finally, after much deliberation and randomness, and many many laughs, the winners to STACKTASTIC! have been decided!  So without further ado we will start awarding the STACKEEs. Starting with the BESTEST TALLEST Stack we have:


This particular stack was deemed the tallest of the lot.  There were others that definitely came close, but "Flowers to the Moon" is actually taller than the sun and higher than the clouds.  That is a lot of Flowers.  For entering this STACKEE the participant has won a 100% Original Sketch!!!

Next up we have the BESTEST NEATO stack


I do believe as soon as I saw "MUCHA-TALLA-MUSICA" I said "neato".  There were also a lot of contenders for this STACKEE Award, in fact every entry was a in the hunt, but after many sleepless nights this was the entry I concluded was the BESTEST NEATO stack.  I would have liked to have seen it before it fell.  For claiming this title, the prize awarded is a one of a kind Giclee Print of a scene from the "Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field" book!

Next up we have some of entries that I chose at random.  Each of these winners will be sent a signed (by me) copy of the book that started this all!  And in no particular order here they are:


"Leaning Tower of Burrows"






and the last Random Superness STACKEE goes to "Snowman Surprise!"

Congrats to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered.  This was so much fun and I will definitely be doing it again in the future...

BUT WAIT!!!!!  There's still a STACKEE left unclaimed!


The "MOSTEST FAN FAVORITE!" STACKEE will win a free 100% Original Sketch!!!  Check the poll on the side of the blog and cast your vote!!!

The voting will end on the 18th of December so people will have just over 1 week to get their votes in!  Best wishes to all those selected for the Fan Favorite!

Take care and thank you again to everyone!


ps.  Those who won will be contacted by me and arrangement for delivery/shipment of the prizes will be made.