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I got chased by an AT-ST

Hey-Low everyone!  Well I've just recently returned from what is probably my last con for the year at the Toronto Fan Expo (or Fan Expo Canada).  What an amazing event!  The Fan Expo team really knocked it out of the park, in fact 99% of the people I talked to said it was way better from the year before, and it really was.  I sold all the Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field Books that I brought, and sold OUT of my new sketchbook, The Good, the Bad and the Sketchbook Vol.2 as well as a number of my prints! This year I split an end table with my super talented friend Keith Grachow!  Keith was selling his classic monster poster prints like hotcakes all weekend long.  I was even fortunate enough to snag a Creature from the Black Lagoon print!  Go check his stuff out!

I will probably do a follow up post showing all the super awesome swag I picked up from awesomely talented artists, but here's the quick shout out to my pals Darren Rawlings, Marc Wolfe, Braden Poirier, Chris and Marv, Graham Moogk-Soulis, Caanan Grall, Justin Currie, Karly Macdonald and Meghan, and the S'up Cuz T-shirt fellas.  Was awesome.  Darren Rawlings "the Little Ninja Fact Book" has not left my side either...

I had such a great time and not only did I meet a pile of new amazing artists and fans, but I was blown away by how many people from last years con came and sought me out.  My fan's are truly incredible.  Thank you to everyone who made it such a great weekend.  Here is a brief summery in photo form:

1.  In this giant's shadow is where I spent most of my days while at the con.  Next year I'll get the dinner at the top methinks!

2.  My pal Keith running from what I can only guess is Vader about to bust through the door.

3.  AT-ST chasing me!

4.  Working on my sales pitch.  I need more grease for my hair, and some chest hair...

5.  Some of the commission sketches I did over the weekend - did my first Totoro, Final Fintasy character, Cloak and Dagger, boy as a samurai and...well pretty much the only one I've ever done before was Spidey.

6.  And of course, the amazing costumes were everywhere.  DJ Trooper, Steam Punk Buzz (with pop-out wings action!!!), and my favorite, Mario riding Yoshi.


Take care everyone.


It's a bird! It's a Plane...going down in flames!

I had a hankering for Superman the other day though I admit I've never been a huge fan.  Recently I saw a fan made animation and it really kindled a new appreciating for the son of Krypton.  You can see it here.   Not only is it an amazing piece of work, but it was a very refreshing look for Supes.  I think the reason I don't care much for Superman (unless Alex Ross is doing him in Kingdom Come) is that he seems TOO invincible and almost infinitely strong.  Most heroes seem to be so much stronger and tougher than they used to be, and that is probably why I have favored Batman, still an ordinary man.   This classic superman as well as the old classic cartoon makes him struggle a bit it seems, just a little bit, and I like it.  Anyway, I did this little doodle the Man of Steel and forgot to post it to my blog.  So here it is:


I actually struggled a while with this pose.  I'm not used to really dynamic figure drawing and halfway through it I almost wimped out and took the easy route, but since this was an exercise, I worked it for a while until I got it, or more a less got it.  Still not completely happy with it.  Oh well.  So any other heroes you would like to see done?  Let me know!

Tomorrow I'll post up some work from some recent jobs I've finished.

Take care,


Master Yo yo yo Yoda


Quick post today everyone!  My brother's boss saw the Spidey I sketched up for him the other day and asked if I could do one up for his son.  He son, like most boys these days (and not unlike myself growing up - or still!) is a STAR WARS nut!  He asked for a "Master Yoda", who also happens to be one of my oldest friends favorite character.  I never new Yoda was anything but a master, and I am not completely up to my normal skill level in SW trivia, so he ended up looking like this: 

I am going to lay down some marker on this, as it was asked for.  But I don't have a green, or brown for that matter, and I wasn't going to make a trip into town just to pick up two markers this afternoon.  Yet I just couldn't wait either.  I'm no expert in Photoshop, but I decided to lay down some color and experiment a bit and so I got going after lunch and finished this just before supper:


Lots to learn, but it was fun.

I'm thinking about offering up commissions for people, mostly like the ink version above with maybe a splash of marker color.  I'd do up some PS version for people as well, but it would probably cost slightly more.  Let me know your thoughts - if anyone cares to comment haha.

Take care everyone!


Chicago Comic Con and Toronto Fan Expo

Hello Hello!  Blog's been neglected a bit the last couple weeks as I've been preparing for/ and then attending Chicago Comic Con and the Toronto Fan Expo on back to back weeks.  I have to say that I had a blast at both of these conventions.  They were my second and third times ever having a table at one of these conventions and it was well worth it.  I met so many great people at both of these as well I believe I did around 30 commissions in Chicago alone and about half that in Toronto.  Some very busy weekends to say the least. Chicago happened first so I'll give the report on that event.  Now I forgot a camera that weekend regrettably, but I can still relay most of the highlights.  Firstly I was set up in Artist's Alley and right beside me was the extremely talented DJ Welch.  One night a "true" Chicago Deep Dish pizza killed us for acting overly ambitious.  It was worth it though and I will be craving that pizza until my next visit.  Next to D.J. was the incredibly gifted Mike Henry, whose work I have been a fan of for a little over a year now.  Mike and DJ both knew each other and were nice enough to let this Canuck tag along with and even invited me out to their "SketchBomb" club one night.  It was awesome!  Mike was also kind enough to trade his sketchbook for my Farmer Burrows book (yes I definitely owe him much more still).  His new sketchbook is crazy amazing and engrossed me for the entire flight home after the con.

I am still rather new to the convention scene and doing commissions for people, but Chicago turned out to be a fantastic time to practice.  I've always seen and envied artists who just pound out amazing works seemingly effortlessly just based off memory.  I was really quite nervous to take on drawing any commissions because although I'm a huge comic fan, I barely know the basic details of the most common heroes and villains.  Thankfully there was a poster "shop" just on that was a basically across the isle and had almost any hero I ended up needing, and those I didn't either had reference brought by the commission-ee or Mike provided ref for me on his phone.   Also seeing as I forgot my camera, Mike took pics of many of the commissions that I did, and here is that:


The Pirate and "the Penguin" were actually done at the Sketchbomb evening where a whole pile of us went out and drew together one evening.  A really cool time.  Oh and to show how little I know about comics, at the Sketchbomb event we were all supposed to draw anything to do with Batman.  As stated, I drew "the Penguin".  As I was completing him someone came over and said "oh, nice Oswald Cobblepot." I was like, "ummm, well it's supposed to be the Penguin".  Mike then kindly informed me that Oswald Cobblepot was The Penguin's real name.

I was also able to meet up again with the Berona's War fellas who I first met in San Diego a few weeks earlier.  Jesse Labbe and Anthony Coffee are two fantastic artists and creators of the Berona's War book - and two of the nicest guys to boot.  They have done what I dreamed of doing with many of my friends growing up - drawing creatures from one side of a war who are fighting the creatures created by a friend.  It's so well executed by these guys it's amazing.  Check out their stuff if you ever doodled anything with a spear or sword or even liked spears, swords and shields even ONCE in your life.  They exchanged sketches with me (and I feel I came out way ahead) and here's why:


Super cool right?!!  Yes it is (I know you're speachless).

After Chicago I basically came home, unpacked and then started packing and preparing for Toronto's Fan Expo.  I was blown away by how nice the venue was for this expo.  Just outstanding.  People were lined up for hours and hours with the line surrounding the entire convention center.  The show was even extended Saturday evening because people had gotten in so late.  I didn't really know anyone attending this one and was really sorry to have missed Darren Rawlings, whose creation Agent Orange I adore, but there will be a next time for sure.

As it for this trip I did bring a camera and so here are some of the pics from the show:


Before this convention I had quickly gone out and picked up some prismacolor markers I saw a couple people using in Chicago which looked very fun.  Turns out they were fun though I took a bit longer on each commission haha.  So some highlights in those photos are: Upper left is my brother and myself on the way to the airport at around 4am.  I have the best brother in the world, though he may look scary in the photo, he drove me to the airport for each of these conventions at a very inconvenient time and I am indebted.  Thanks Darryl (oh and he's an awesome artist to boot)!!  Also my brother-inlaw and his daughters showed up the last day of the show and as you can see, on the left side, his daughter AKA Super Girl, was targeted for many photos!  I also met some really cool people in Toronto.  Bottom right is Graham the creator of the webcomic Postscript and his wife Michelle, as well as Keith Grachow were my isle mates and just really great guys.  The Flash Gorden sketch I did was actually inspired by an amazing piece that Keith gave to me of the same Golden Age science fiction hero!

Though I had a great time I am very tired of traveling and looking forward to getting back on some book projects now that I am back home - though I am already planning for the convention circuit for next year ;)

Take care everyone!


Sketchin' freebies - FANG and Tiny Tim

Hello everyone.  So some time last month I offered to draw FREE sketches for anyone (who was a fan on my FB site) who drew any sort of alien, monster or alligator.  I got a whole pile of really cool aliens and monsters (alligator's feeling a bit left out but he'll return) - check them out on the FB site!  Side note - all the drawings were from two fantastic and creative "nephews" of mine.  So apparently they will both WIN the grand prize of a free canvas on top of FREE sketches! Here are all of their super awesome submissions (Oh and each Alien and monster has a full name and description on the FB site):


So for their free sketch I decided to draw them each my own version of THEIR creation that they sent.  I drew the top left (TinyTim) and bottom left (Fang).


and a quick digital splashing of color:


Here is what Tiny Tim is about (direct quote):

Tiny Tim is hard and pokey with lots of eyes and short red arms and legs. He can swim on top of water.

Second came Fang (with a couple PS touchups - I kept looking for the "undo" key)!


Fang's deets:

Fang has super sharp teeth and can swim with his webbed feet in the most dark places.

So special thanks to you two dudesters!  Your drawings were so great and I hope you guys always participate in my contests and keep drawing!

Now it's time to get back to work - new picture book to finish, more Chuck Chance work, and more prep work for Chicago Comic Con and Toronto Fan Expo.

Take care,


Hello everyone! Yesterday afternoon I participated in a short, 1 hour contest on  Bobby Chiu, of and has started the site.  I just signed up and it seems to be a lot of fun.  Yesterday he was giving away a sketch, and so during his livecast on Ustream, he gave out a topic and we all had 1 hour to get our drawing for "Baby movie character" done and uploaded.  I didn't win, but it was a good exercise to keep me moving and thinking really fast.  Here's my entry:


It's called "the Next Generation"...

I've followed Bobby's work for more than a few years way back on CGTalk.  He's always been about teaching and instructing others and just sharing knowledge.  Seems like a great guy and I'm looking forward to meeting him next week at SDCC!

On a side note, my Facebook Contest has one member off to a massive start with a pile of awesome drawings that have been uploaded.  Go on over to my Facebook Fan site, check it out, upload anything, and get a free sketch from me!

Take care!


100+ Facebook Fans for Boldtman Studios = Prizes and Giveaways

Hello everyone, I am celebrating today as Boldtman Studio's fan site on FB now has 100+ fans!  So rock this milestone moment, I have decided upon the following contest/giveaway. Firstly, you have to be a fan on FB to participate. (click the link on the side to "sign up")

Secondly, and this is the easy participation part.  I will send anyone a free original sketch IF they draw any sort of Alien, Monster, or Alligator and post it on my FB fan site.  I have no idea why those three things but they were the first ones that came to mind.  (Well actually Horse was the original 3rd subject so he can potentially still slide in there if anyone wants).

PLUS ***BONUS*** who ever is chosen as the "BESTEST of the SKETCHEST" for their submission will win a FREE Giclee Canvas Print from me!

So did you all get that?

To get things rolling I did a little cover illustration and who knows what or whose drawings could possibly all end up on the inside one day?!!!


Take care everyone!  I hope to draw 100+ sketches for you all!!!


Inspiring artists

I don't often post on other artists.  I've often thought I should as there are so many uberly talented people out there.  Well, now I actually I am.  I've decided to explain a little of why I have the blogroll (side links) that I do, and every so often now I am going to try to hi-light one of them.  It's really the least I can do for the inspiration they have been to me.  So we begin. Darren Rawlings is quite an amazing talent.  His motion graphics make me drool (please please also check out the Missile Mouse Trailer he did for my friend Jake Parker), but on top of that I love his artwork.   However, ever since I first saw his character AGENT ORANGE (AO to the coolest of coolios) I've been hit with the roundhouse of awesome-sauce that he is.  Maybe because I'm a sucker for Trenchcoat detectives/agents and that I'm a sci fi comic fan AND Agent Orange happens to be BOTH!  I am really excited to read this comic.

Yesterday I saw that he had a started a cool fan art site just for AO and I immediately had to draw this science fiction masterpiece.  So here's the doodle I whipped up this morning.  I hope Darren likes him.


Well, that concludes this first special moments with fantastic artists post.  Oh yeah, and right now if you want to see RAWLS' drawing the Hulk pretty much smashing everything and everyone check out his blog!

Oh and I forgot to mention.  Darren also happens to have one of the Cooooooooolest tag names around.  RAWLS?!!!!  How cool is that.

Take care

-Boldtsy... BO ... Mmmoldt ... Dang, I'm sorry but that just doesn't work and for more reasons then that it's lame to come up with your own nick name.