illustration friday

Illustration Friday: Swamp

It's been far to long since I've done anything for myself (or had the time) and even longer since I've participated in the wonderful practice of Illustration Friday! So very quickly, here is my piece for this weeks "Swamp"

AAAAAAAAnnnd, here is a video of the process of me creating it from start to finish!

Thanks for sticking around. I'll be updating what I've been working on for the last 4 months soon. I can't say much yet, but it's 2 picture books!!!

Take care,



After a more than long time I was craving to do an Illustration Friday again.  So, last Friday I started with the topic "Dessert", though I didn't finish.  Other things have kept me fairly busy, but no more! I finished it this Labor Day afternoon, although I don't know which version I like more.  I think if I made a print of this one I would do the full color one, but otherwise I think I like the plain one.  How about you?

Oh, and this one falls into the category for requests for more "girl" pictures.  I am always inspired for these by my two princess nieces, who I bet would place Princess as the job they would like when they grow up.  Plus, I know they love their desserts right Steph? ;)

Enjoy your holiday everyone!


Illustration Friday - Blur

Hello all.  Well, yesterday I realized I had not drawn anything in a very long time as I've been so busy with the STACKTASTIC! contest and my new book, The Gophers in Farmer Burrows' Field preparing school visits, workshops and selling and filling orders of the book!  Being that it was the end of the week what better way to get back into the groove but with a new Illustration Friday sketch!  This weeks word was BLUR and I had an idea almost instantly.  When I think of the word "blur" my next thought is almost always "what is blurred?" or "Why is my vision blurred?".  My next thought after that was of speed and so naturally I came up with Rocket Raccoon...errr Rip Raccoon.  A very fast little super hero.  While the initial idea of a illustration where everything else was clear except for rip was cool, I tend to prefer to draw characters and so I had the rest of the background blurred at the cost of being able to capture our speedy hero clearly. if-blur

So take care everyone!  And be sure to enter STACKTASTIC!


IF-Caution: things are not always as they appear...

Hello all.  So the end of another week leaves us with yet another IF topic.  I know I've said it before, but I sure love Illustration Friday.  I wish it could be my job just to do illustrations for a topic each day of the week. This week's topic is Caution.  So today I drew a sketch that has to do with using caution, as things are not always as they appear - especially with little girls.


This one also is a shout out at my niece, the one who "really is" a little princess.

Take care,


Hello 2009!

Well here I am again. First post of 2009. I said there was a lot of stuff keeping me busy these last few months and here I am to finally spill the beans. But first things first. Illustration Friday. I was feeling very stale drawing lately. Not a good thing. So to bust out of that funk I decided to get back into a old habit of posting more often (how often have I said that eh?). I really think doing this not only helps me out technically but creatively too. It gets me thinking outside of what I am working on. So here it is. I just did this this morning special for all you IF people (and the couple who visit my blog by other means). Instinct is the word. Enjoy.

Here's the short detail list. Started a new job, blessed with the birth a new beautiful daughter, and I turned 30. The last of these having almost no influence on my my absence while the first two did considerably.

First of all the most important. My new daughter. Now she was born a while ago, way back in October actually (the 16th) and I feel terrible that I have not posted this news earlier because she is so so so precious to me. Naomi Layna. What a blessing and a perfect little baby she has been. She already has such a personality it's amazing. I had forgotten how fast kids grow up but she reminds us of so many of the memories we had with our son Eli. Here is a picture of the cutest little girl ever (biased I know, but I stand by it haha).

Secondly, for the last 6 months I've been working for a company developing iphone and ipod-touch games. It's been quite a blast. We have two out and they have done fairly well. I had quite a bit of fun doing them, in fact so much fun that I am now considering starting my own company and partnering with another to continue to do more games. We have some great ideas that we are looking into developing. It's a very scary market and very competitive, but I still feel that our ideas will even stand out. You can check out here at If you don't have an iphone the two games are mix n match style, and on that link are some screens of some of the work I did. Also IF YOU DO have an iphone or ipod touch, the site has links to the itunes store where you can get them. They are free too!

Also here is a photo of the largest job I've ever had. It was for Design+Communication. And they were doing a job for the Please Touch Museum in Philly. It was a lot of fun and I appreciated working with them. Their cafe is teddy bear picnic themed, there are a few other illustrators whose work is in there too. As I said in an earlier post, these pictures are huge, I think they are over 16 feet tall.

So that's it for now. Maybe not a great reason for my absence, but it is what it is. I'll keep you all "posted" on our upcoming ventures and new IF and doodles as they come!

Take care,


Back to Business

What can I say, summer's been busy. So hello again to those two of you who still check my blog once in a while. I've been working on a few different things that have left me not drawing as much as I would like. I have also just finished a project for a cool museum out of Philadelphia, and I hope to have permission to post it here some day. It was the largest project I have ever worked and I really mean that. Two illustrations each over 18 feet tall and quite wide too! Needless to say my computer was really strained and put to the test, and once again I am happy to say I love my Mac. So anyways, back to business. I figured what better way to spend the afternoon getting back into the swing of things (especially on a Friday) than to participate in the new Illustration Friday topic. Routine is the word. I think for most people, work is a routine. Many people do the same thing every day, 9-5 (or longer). Taxi drivers came to mind for me (well the seven dwarfs did first but I didn't like how it was going). Driving all day must start to become pretty routine for these guys, but at the same time, every client must bring a slightly different experience or at least a different destination. So I've said enough. Been so long since I blogged I am now just babbling.

Have a great weekend everyone! Take care,



So it's mid April here in Edmonton. Spring was in the air, until this weekend. Wow! Looks like Christmas again outside. We've been having snow fall since last friday night and it's pretty bad. At least it's not 30˚below out there.

This week's Illustration Friday topic was Primitive. As soon as I read it I couldn't think of anything else but a caveman. I tried to think of something else over the weekend, but in the end I gave in and this is the fellow who's been haunting my imagination when ever I read that word.

In other news, I have tried and tested my pop-up templates and dummies about as much as they can stand it... and they're still working. This project is almost ready now to send "out there" again, so I will be revealing it very shortly. I also hope to upload a video of them in action.

Take care,
-Mike Boldt