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Illustration Friday: Swamp

It's been far to long since I've done anything for myself (or had the time) and even longer since I've participated in the wonderful practice of Illustration Friday! So very quickly, here is my piece for this weeks "Swamp"

AAAAAAAAnnnd, here is a video of the process of me creating it from start to finish!

Thanks for sticking around. I'll be updating what I've been working on for the last 4 months soon. I can't say much yet, but it's 2 picture books!!!

Take care,



Hey everyone!  I was scritch scratchin' the other two mornings doing some character dev for a new idea I'm kicking around and decided to do another screen recording of the process.  Forgot to get the drawing part again.  Anyway, here's the sketch and video.  The whole thing took around 40 minutes and was done in Corel Painter 11.

And the next morning I colored it:

Here's the video process (starts off slow as I forgot to speed up the first section)

Take care!


Scribbles and Colors

Hey.  Quick post today as I am busily prepin' for the Calgary Comic Expo this weekend!  I'm really excited as last year was just fantastic!  If you're in the area I'm booth R03.  Stop by and say "howdy" after all we will be in Calgary! So I love seeing process videos, other artists and creators at work doing their thing, painting, coloring, and so on.  So while I was re-designing a character for a picturebook I'm working on I all of a sudden decided to record myself coloring it.  Here's that video:


Or click here

Here is the final of that character:

Finally, I'll toss in this warm up sketch of chuck I did the other day.


Take care everyone!