Catching up with blogging

Hey Ho everyone, and to you too December!  We have full snow covered ground here in Spruce Grove, and are feeling very festive with Christmas now fast approaching.  So before I get even further behind I need to get this post done.  So please prepare yourselves: Firstly, I've been doing some sketching lately of my raccoon hero character.  So this is what I have in regards to that:


Some while ago I was discussing an idea with someone that I've not been able to get out of my head.  So it became my next image that I worked on:


I've called it "The Search for the Great Pink Elephant".  My nieces have definitely had an impact on me and I wanted this little girl to look like she was ready to take on any adventure.  The boy holding the action figure has been inspired by my own son's recent obsession with heroes and action figures, especially Batman.  In fact, here is a little testament to that statement:


You can't see it, but I'm sure he has Spiderman Socks on too.  Oh, and this instance he's informing me that he requires that lego batman game because HE'S Batman!  It was very hard to argue with him.

I've often talked about Illustration Friday as a fantastic exercise to stay sharp and push myself further.  Many of my favorite pieces and prints in my store are actually IF drawings.  A short while ago I discovered Sketchaholic, a fantastic new site by Bobby Chiu of Schoolism and many other mastery on the web.  On Sketchaholic, Bobby conducts live interviews of industry professionals from Dreamworks, Pixar and many others.  It is very informative, but also a new challenge as well.  Every interview is also a contest, as the interview-ee poses a topic or subject and then chooses a winner at the end of the interview.  Christophe Lautrette was scheduled to be interviewed on Sunday and the subject of his contest was "Marco Polo in Asia".  I happened to be looking for a doodle to do, and this topic caught my eye.  I like history and so I began some wiki reading on Mr Polo.  After some reading I did this:


It was a great interview and in the end Christophe ended up choosing me as the winner!  I was thrilled of course, as the winner usually gets an original piece of artwork from the interview-ee and since it was sponsored by Corel, I also won a copy of Painter 11!  Happy Day!  Thank you much to Sketchaholic, Bobby Chiu and of course Christophe Lautrette.

Then just yesterday I was discussing an idea with a friend, actually it was my friend's idea.  A Dwarf with a big axe, hammer in his belt and shield on his back charging.  This took me back to my youth when all my time drawing was focused almost completely upon drawing fantasy characters.  Elves, knights, dragons, and other mystical creatures.  It has been too long and so I quickly found this pour out:


Well, I think that's all for now!  Thanks to anyone who actually read this all haha!

Take care,